Theocritus, 4.41-3

“Take heart, dear Battos! Tomorrow will be better. Hope is for the living, while the dead despair. And Zeus may shine one day, though he send storms the next.”

θαρσεῖν χρὴ φίλε Βάττε: τάχ᾽ αὔριον ἔσσετ᾽ ἄμεινον.
ἐλπίδες ἐν ζωοῖσιν, ἀνέλπιστοι δὲ θανόντες.
χὡ Ζεὺς ἄλλοκα μὲν πέλει αἴθριος, ἄλλοκα δ᾽ ὕει.

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