Boy-Cheaters and Sons-of-Virtue Seekers: Some Crazy Greek Compounds

For your afternoon edification: some crazy Greek compounds:

“Sons of eye-brow raisers, men-with-noses-affixed-to-beards
Coarse-beard-growers, sons-of-casserole-thieves
Face-garment-blockers, barefoot-oil-lamp-lookers,
Nocturnal-secret-eaters, nocturnal-alley-walkers
Boy-cheaters, syllable-question-yakkers,
Stupid-belief-philosophers, sons-of-virtue-seekers

ὀφρυανασπασίδαι, ῥινεγκαταπηξιγένειοι,
σακκογενειοτρόφοι καὶ λοπαδαρπαγίδαι,
εἱματανωπερίβαλλοι, ἀνηλιποκαιβλεπέλαιοι,
νυκτιλαθραιοφάγοι, νυκτιπαταιπλάγιοι,
μειρακιεξαπάται <καὶ> συλλαβοπευσιλαληταί,
δοξοματαιόσοφοι, ζηταρετησιάδαι.

From an epigram quoted in Athenaeus’ Deipnosophists (162a-b)

Greek Anthology 16.112: My Sick Portrait Artist, Another Odysseus

Ep. 16.112


“My sculptor is more hateful than all the Dannaans: he’s another Odysseus,
since he made me a memento of a wretched and ruinous sickness.
The stone—rough, dirty, sick and drawn—wasn’t enough
But he has even shaped my pain in bronze.”


᾿Εχθρὸς ὑπὲρ Δαναοὺς πλάστης ἐμός, ἄλλος ᾿Οδυσσεύς,
ὅς μ’ ἔμνησε κακῆς οὐλομένης τε νόσου.
οὐκ ἤρκει πέτρη, τρῦχος, λύθρον, ἕλκος, ἀνίη,
ἀλλὰ καὶ ἐν χαλκῷ τὸν πόνον εἰργάσατο.