Forget Art, Give Us War & Dominion!

William Blake, On Virgil

Sacred Truth has pronounced that Greece & Rome as Babylon & Egypt: so far from being parents of Arts & Sciences as they pretend: were destroyers of all Art. Homer Virgil & Ovid confirm this opinion & make us reverence The Word of God, the only light of antiquity that remains unperverted by War. Virgil in the Eneid Book VI. line 848 says Let others study Art: Rome has somewhat better to do, namely War & Dominion

Rome & Greece swept Art into their maw & destroyd it a Warlike State never can produce Art. It will Rob & Plunder & accumulate into one place, & Translate & Copy & Buy & Sell & Criticise, but not Make.

Mathematic Form is Eternal in the Reasoning Memory. Living Form is Eternal Existence.

Grecian is Mathematic Form

Gothic is Living Form

William Blake, Radical Abolitionist | JSTOR Daily

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