Vergil Was a Sycophantic Hack

Rovert Graves, The Virgil Cult:

“Why Virgil’s poems have for the last two thousand years exercised so great an influence on our Western culture is, paradoxically, because he was a renegade to the true Muse. His pliability; his subservience; his narrowness; his denial of that stubborn imaginative freedom which the true poets who preceded him had prized; his perfect lack of originality, courage, humour, or even animal spirits: these were the negative qualities which first commended him to government circles, and have kept him in favour ever since.”

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5 thoughts on “Vergil Was a Sycophantic Hack

  1. And Robert Graves is a bullshit peddling pseudohistorian whose ideas have done immense damage to Pagan community’s understanding of the Gods which is preventing many from true engagement with our religion

  2. I put Graves where he deserves to be with his three other fellow travellers in fourth class, the twit Carl Jung, the archetypical idiot, Joe Campbell and the Bible thumping Northrup Frye.

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