Give Me An Honest Review

Pico della Mirandola, Letter to Angelo Poliziano:

“Since I have arranged into five books my slender Muses, with which I joked about my loves while my age permitted, I am sending to you the first of them and will send the others too if I find in this one that you are a friend, not a yes-man. For they come to you on the understanding that they will be chastised, that they will be beaten, that they will be the penalty of their errors with fingernail and skewer. Present yourself to them, therefore, as a fair judge, not an iniquitous one – one who is severe, not indulgent. For, what greater injustice is there than to deceive a friend entrusting all of himself to you? I am not possessed of such a delicate mind that I would be worked up by some erasures made by a literate friend. Perhaps you, or anyone else for that matter, would not believe how little these poems please me, and even in the ones that I like a bit more, I fear that I might be (as that one guy says) a Suffenus. And so, I ask for you help in an honest and liberal undertaking, and I hope that you do not deny one who is your dearest friend.”



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