Filthy Friday: Rank Misogyny

Antonio Beccadelli, Hermaphroditus 2.8:

“If such a tremendous stink were always blowing upon the sea, so that no one’s nose could bear the shore, what sailor would be a shipwreck on the Adriatic or Scythian or Tyrrhenian Sea? But you – don’t be afraid. When you get it up for Ursa, when you really want her badly, her stinking vagina will drive you off. It breathes such a horrid stench, that a fat and stinking corpse would smell like lilies when set against it; it blows out such a smell that if one were to compare her crotch to shit, a huge sewer would suddenly see like violets and roses. If your nose is not put off by such a smell, I will give you something to make it tighter.”



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