Shakespeare’s Latin

From Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson:

‘Colman, in a note on his translation of Terence, talking of Shakspeare’s learning, asks, “What says Farmer to this? What says Johnson?” Upon this he observed, “Sir, let Farmer answer for himself: I never engaged in this controversy. I always said, Shakspeare had Latin enough to grammaticise his English.”‘

One thought on “Shakespeare’s Latin

  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t have saved this until April 16—S’s birth and death date.

    Your posts are wonderful! You’ve introduced me to a lot of authors I had never read…pointed out oddities I knew nothing of…and I’ve gone back and dusted off some of my Latin and [occasionally] Greek—thank you! Tawdry Tuesdays are my favorites, and the example of erectile dysfunction in antiquity my favorite posting!

    I would appreciate the location of your sources, if not too difficult—where the pots are located [and potter, if common] or the painter and museum for paintings you use to illustrate your work.

    Thank you! You get read everyday!


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