Hide Those Milky Breasts!

Pontano, Baiae 1.4:

“I urge you, cover those white breasts,
and don’t seek to stir up the madness of lovers.
You are a naughty little tease, setting me on fire,
though cold old age has already frozen my bones.
So I tell you, cover those white breasts,
wrap a covering band about your chest.
Really, why do you bear those milky breasts before you,
those very nipples themselves, without even a bit of linen?
Do you wish to say, ‘Kiss these breasts,
oh, fawn all over my glowing chest’?
Surely, you don’t mean to say, ‘Touch them, touch them, give them a stroke’?
Ah, that you strut around with these little breasts exposed!
Ah, that you walk about with a bare chest!
This is to say, ‘Ask for them, ask for them, I’ll give them over’,
this is the way to summon a lover to Venus’ task.
Therefore, either cover those shining white breasts,
and veil them with some decent shroud,
or – though I be an aged man – I will fly upon them
with such haste, you’ll think that I am but a youth.
Hermione, your breasts could call
even Tithonus back to youthful pleasure.”

Praedico, tege candidas papillas
nec quaeras rabiem ciere amantum.
Me, quem frigida congelat senecta,
irritas male calfacisque: quare,
praedico, tege candidas papillas
et pectus strophio tegente vela.
Nam quid lacteolos sinus et ipsas
prae te fers sine linteo papillas?
An vis dicere: `Basia papillas
et pectus nitidum suaviare?
Vis num dicere: `Tange, tange, tracta?
Tene incedere nudulis papillis?
Nudo pectore tene deambulare?
Hoc est dicere: `Posce, posce, trado,
hoc est ad venerem vocare amantes.
Quare, aut contege candidas papillas
et pectus strophio decente vesti,
aut, senex licet, involabo in illas,
ut possim iuvenis tibi videri.
Tithonum, Hermione, tuae papillae
possunt ad iuvenis vocare munus.

2 thoughts on “Hide Those Milky Breasts!

    1. No way! I am terrified every time I give them something even as mild as ‘vivamus mea Lesbia…’

      I just randomly stumbled upon it when I was looking through some of my Renaissance texts.

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