Did You Come Just to Leave? Martial, Epigrams Book 1, Prologue

“Let not Cato enter my theater, but if he does, let him look on! I think that I will be well within my rights if I close this letter with some verses:

Since you knew the sweet rite of Flora,

the festal games and the wantonness of the mob,

why, censorious Cato, did you come into the theater?

Or did you just come so that you could have the pleasure of leaving?”

“Non intret Cato theatrum meum, aut, si intraverit, spectet. Videor mihi meo iure facturus si epistolam uersibus clusero:

Nosses iocosae dulce cum sacrum Florae
festosque lusus et licentiam uolgi,
cur in theatrum, Cato seuere, uenisti?
an ideo tantum ueneras, ut exires?

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