Julian on Imperial Justice: Ammianus Marcellinus 18.1.3

Delphidius, a rather sharp speaker, was inveighing against the accused rather violently when, finally exasperated by the lack of concrete evidence, he exclaimed, “O most powerful Caesar, can anyone ever be guilty where it is sufficient simply to deny?” Julian, stimulated to speak extemporaneously, responded to him prudently, “Can anyone ever be innocent, where it is sufficient simply to accuse?”

Delphidius orator acerrimus, vehementer eum impugnans, documentorum inopia percitus, exclamavit: ‘Ecquis, forentissime Caesar, nocens esse poterit usquam, si negare sufficiet?’ Contra quem Iulianus prudenter motus ex tempore, ‘Ecquis’ ait ‘innocens esse poterit, si accusasse sufficiet?’

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