Aren’t You Afraid of Your Wife? (Ovid, Heroides 6.95-101: Hypsipyle to Jason)

“You’re able to embrace that woman or recline in the same room
And enjoy a silent night asleep without fear?
She surely must have compelled you to take the yoke, like bulls
or she’s tamed you the same way she took the snakes.
Don’t forget that she wants her name added to your deeds,
as a wife who stands in the way of her husband.”

Hanc potes amplecti thalamoque relictus in uno
inpavidus somno nocte silente frui?
scilicet ut tauros, ita te iuga ferre coegit:
quaque feros angues, te quoque mulcet ope.
adde quod adscribi factis procerumque tuisque
se favet et titulo coniugis uxor obest.

(This all makes more sense if we remember that Jason’s wife is Medea)