No Less Romantic than Zeus

Bassus 5.125 (Greek Anthology)

I won’t change into gold, one of these days.
Another might show himself as a bull,
Or as a sweet-voiced swan on the sea shore.
Let Zeus keep these games.
I’ll fork over some obols to Corrina,
Exactly two—and I certainly don’t fly.

οὐ μέλλω ῥεύσειν χρυσός ποτε: βοῦς δὲ γένοιτο
ἄλλος, χὠ μελίθρους κύκνος ἐπῃόνιος.
Ζηνὶ φυλασσέσθω τάδε παίγνια: τῇ δὲ Κορίννῃ
τοὺς ὀβολοὺς δώσω τοὺς δύο, κοὐ πέτομαι.

5th century BC vase attributed to the Berlin Painter.
National Archaeological Museum Tarquinia.

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