Like Dolphins, Guardians of the Muses

The so-called Ninth Isthmian is fragmentary. Here’s the whole thing:

Pindar, Isthmian 9

The story of Aiakos is famous–
Aegina, known for her ships, is famous too:
Hyllus and Aigimos brought
A Dorian army to found it.

The citizens live under the rule of law,
Offending neither justice nor custom
For foreigners. When it comes to excellence?
They are like dolphins in the sea:
Wise guardians of the Muses and athletic competitions.”

Κλεινὸς Αἰακοῦ λόγος, κλεινὰ δὲ καὶ ναυ-
σικλυτὸς Αἴγινα· σὺν θεῶν δέ νιν αἴσᾳ
Ὕλλου τε καὶ Αἰγιμιοῦ
Δωριὲυς ἐλθὼν στρατός
ἐκτίσσατο· τῶν μὲν ὑπὸ στάθμᾳ νέμονται

οὐ θέμιν οὐδὲ δίκαν
ξείνων ὑπερβαίνοντες· οἷοι δ᾿ ἀρετάν
δελφῖνες ἐν πόντῳ, ταμίαι τε σοφοί
Μοισᾶν ἀγωνίων τ᾿ ἀέθλων.

Detail from a red figure vase: A nude male figure plays a flute on the back of a dolphin
Youth playing the flute and riding a dolphin. Red-figure stamnos, 360–340 BC. From Etruria.