Argumentation and Belief: Not a just a Modern Malady

Euenus of Paros, fr. 1

“Many people habitually
argue about everything whatever they know,
But it is not their habit to argue as is right,
In their case the ancient saying will suffice
“Go ahead, you think these things, but I believe those”

Someone who speaks well finds persuading the intelligent within reach
Since they are especially easy to teach.”

πολλοῖς δ’ ἀντιλέγειν (μέν)
ἔθος περὶ παντὸς ὁμοίως,
ὀρθῶς δ’ ἀντιλέγειν, οὐκέτι τοῦτ’ ἐν ἔθει.
καὶ πρὸς μὲν τούτους ἀρκεῖ λόγος εἷς ὁ παλαιός·
“σοὶ μὲν ταῦτα δοκοῦντ’ ἔστω, ἐμοὶ δὲ τάδε.”
τοὺς ξυνετοὺς δ’ ἄν τις πείσειε τάχιστα λέγων εὖ,
οἵπερ καὶ ῥήιστης εἰσὶ διδασκαλίης.

Attic black-figure stamnos depicting boxers, c.520-500 BC (pottery) (see also 100575) Creator Michigan painter (fl.520-500 BC) Nationality Greek Location Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, UK
‘Twas but a difference of opinion, Attic black-figure stamnos depicting boxers, c.520-500 BC (Ashmolean Museum)