Rufinus, Epigram XXV

Athena and Hera with her golden sandals, looked Maionis over and cried out from the depths of their hearts “We are not getting naked again! One shepherd’s judgment will do, and it is an ugly thing to be twice bested in beauty.”

Παλλὰς ἐσαρθήσασθα καὶ Ἣρη χρυσοπέδιλος
Μαιονίδ’ ἐκ κραδίης ἴαχον ἀμφότεραι
“οὐκέτι γυμνούμεσθα· κρίσις μία ποιμένος ἀρκεῖ·
οὐ καλὸν ἡττᾶσθαι δὶς περὶ καλλοσύνης·

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