Impermanence of Youth Etc. Etc.

Giovanni Marrasio, Angelinetum (6):

“Why do you rave, trusting too much in the boldness of youth? With a headlong dive, curved old age comes upon us. Look: the earth is not always clothed in green grass, nor is it always sun-scorched and firm; the land does not always bring forth golden and snowy colors alike along with the purple roses; the lilies often shine redolent with their gentle scent; often the sweet fruits weigh down their branches; the vine often gives us those sweet foods, the grapes. But take any tree you want – it doesn’t always have its fruits. Thus will beautiful, charming youth deceive you, though it’s now compliant with your desires.”

Botticelli, Primavera

Ad divam Angelinam.

Quid furis, audaci nimium confisa iuventa?

Praecipiti penna curva senecta venit

Aspice: non semper vestita est terra virenti

Gramine, nec semper solibus usta riget,

Nec semper rutilos producit terra colores

Et niveos pariter purpureasque rosas,

Lilia saepe nitent placido redolentia odore,

Saepe gravant ramos dulcia poma suos,

Dulces saepe cibos dat nobis pampinus uvas;

Non semper fructus quaelibet arbos habet.

Sic te decipiet formosa et blanda iuventus,

Quae nunc est votis obsequiosa tuis.

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