Reading Greek Tragedy Online

Reading Greek Tragedy Online is a project created and sponsored by the Center for Hellenic Studies and Out of Chaos Theatre. Beginning at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in the US and the UK, we presented readings from Greek tragedy weekly from professional actors in conversation with academic experts and theater professionals. The project has grown to 40 planned episodes for 2020 with future plans for monthly performances.

We have posted passages and details for each performance here.

  1. Reading Tragedy Together When Sheltering Alone
  2. Together, Alone: Reading Sophocles “Philoctetes”
  3. Reading Euripides’ “Herakles”
  4. Madness and Ecstasy: Reading the Bacchae
  5. Reading Greek Tragedies Online: Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis
  6. Suffering Alone: Reading the “The Women of Trachis” Online
  7. No Burden Too Terrible for A Person: Reading Euripides’ Orestes Online
  8. Reading Aeschylus’ “Persians” Online
  9. Our Unexamined Fears: Reading Euripides’ “Trojan Women” online
  10. “Nothing More than Ghosts”: Reading Sophocles’ “Ajax” Online
  11. Knowing Matters: Reading Sophocles’ “Oedipus Tyrannos” Online
  12. Expect the Unexpected! Reading Euripides’ “Ion” Online
  13. No Mortal is Ever Free: Reading Euripides’ “Hecuba” Online
  14. Only Zeus is Free: Reading Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound” Online
  15. Covering Up Our Evils: Reading Euripides’ “Andromache Online”
  16. Turn Your Life Around! Reading Aristophanes’ “Clouds” Online
  17. The Debt All Mortals Owe: Reading Euripides’ “Alcestis” Online
  18. Humanity’s Many Wonders: Reading Tragic Choruses Online
  19. What A Piece of Work is Man: Reading Sophocles’ “Antigone” Online
  20. A Moment of Hesitation: Reading Sophocles’ “Electra” Online
  21. Faulting the Tricks of the Goddess: Reading “Iphigenia in Tauris” Online
  22. Everyone’s In Love! Reading Euripides’ “Hippolytus” Online
  23. Immigrants and the State: Reading Aeschylus’ “Suppliants” Online
  24. Should We Kill Our Mother?”: Reading Euripides’ “Electra” Online
  25. Don’t Go to the Seventh Gate! Reading Aeschylus “Seven Against Thebes” Online
  26. Only Tears Remain: Reading Euripides’ “Suppliants Online
  27. May Our Lives Be Luckier Than These! Reading Euripides’ “Phoenician Women” Online
  28. “Something for people in the Future to Sing About” Reading Homer’s “Iliad” Online
  29. Psst, What’s the Password? Reading Euripides’ “Rhesus” Online
  30. “He Said Some Other Nice Things About Women”: Reading Aristophanes’ “Assemblywomen” Online
  31. “Give Us Freedom from our Toils”: Reading Aeschylus’ “Agamemnon” Online
  32. “A Saving Light in Our Home”: Reading Aeschylus’ “Libation-Bearers” Online
  33. No One Righteous Without Fear: Reading Aeschylus’ “Eumenides” Online
  34. “The Sweet Surprise of Children”: Reading Euripides’ “Medea” Online
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