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“Two Ears, One Mouth”: Hunting a Proverb from Zeno to Paul’s Mom

The Horrors of Classical Studies

Paroimiai: proverbs from Ancient Greece to Star Trek

Humanizing a Monster: The Saddest Scene in Classical Literature

My Latin Teacher: In Memoriam

Antiquity for Everyone: How Classics is Misappropriated

From Homer to Game of Thrones: Atrocity in Art

A New Apologia for Latin

Caesarian Section: Thoughts on Reception and Teaching

Classics [Itself] is Not Classist

Neither Cowards nor Nobodies: A Rant on Classics and Politics

Political Correctness: A Response

Post-Classical Intellectualism in the Latin Classroom

Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates

Classroom Confession: I am a Terrible Teacher

Famae Volent: A Personal History

Who Killed Famae Volent?

Tessered Latin and Greek: A Lexical “Wrinkle in Time”

Antiquity! (Instrumental Version)

Internet Proverb Sleuth

Iliad vs. Odyssey and Their Essential Complementarity

What Does Helen Look Like?

Head and Heart: A Quotation Attributed to Aristotle

Aristotle in the Sheets but Xenophon in the Streets: A Defense of the Humanities

A Teacher’s Desolation

Death and Classics

In Defense of Obscenity

Aristotle Probably Didn’t Say “The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”

Death from the Sea and Cities of Men: Odysseus and Mortality

Terrible, Wonderful Odysseus: His Epithets, Names and How We Read Him

Italian Hours: An Experience

Classics and Theory

Kerberos Does not Mean “Spot”

Parenting While Teaching Greek Badly

Living Today and Talking about Death

Philology at Dinner: How I learned to Love the Classics

Classics for the Fascists

“This is Not my Beautiful House”: Classics, Class and Identity

Humanizing a Monster II [an album review]

The Tyranny of Ancient Thought



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