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“Two Ears, One Mouth”: Hunting a Proverb from Zeno to Paul’s Mom

The Horrors of Classical Studies

Paroimiai: proverbs from Ancient Greece to Star Trek

Humanizing a Monster: The Saddest Scene in Classical Literature

My Latin Teacher: In Memoriam

Antiquity for Everyone: How Classics is Misappropriated

From Homer to Game of Thrones: Atrocity in Art

A New Apologia for Latin

Caesarian Section: Thoughts on Reception and Teaching

Classics [Itself] is Not Classist

Neither Cowards nor Nobodies: A Rant on Classics and Politics

Political Correctness: A Response

Post-Classical Intellectualism in the Latin Classroom

Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates

Classroom Confession: I am a Terrible Teacher

Famae Volent: A Personal History

Who Killed Famae Volent?

Tessered Latin and Greek: A Lexical “Wrinkle in Time”

Antiquity! (Instrumental Version)

Internet Proverb Sleuth

Iliad vs. Odyssey and Their Essential Complementarity

What Does Helen Look Like?

Head and Heart: A Quotation Attributed to Aristotle

Aristotle in the Sheets but Xenophon in the Streets: A Defense of the Humanities

A Teacher’s Desolation

Death and Classics

In Defense of Obscenity

Aristotle Probably Didn’t Say “The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”

Death from the Sea and Cities of Men: Odysseus and Mortality

Terrible, Wonderful Odysseus: His Epithets, Names and How We Read Him

Italian Hours: An Experience

Classics and Theory

Kerberos Does not Mean “Spot”

Meme Police: A Collection of Things Aristotle Did Not Say

Parenting While Teaching Greek Badly

Living Today and Talking about Death

Philology at Dinner: How I learned to Love the Classics

Classics for the Fascists

“This is Not my Beautiful House”: Classics, Class and Identity

Humanizing a Monster II [an album review]

The Tyranny of Ancient Thought

Review of Who Killed Homer?

Against Pedantry

De-colonizing a Myth Class

Emolument’s Claws

Reprioritizing and Reallocating: Tulsa’s Cuts to the Humanities

The Future of Classics, From “Below”

“Classics for Everyone Must Be More than a Slogan

Epic Fabrication

Sharing Blame: professional Organizations and the Death of the Humanities

The Vanity of Virtue: Contemporary Pseudo-Stoicism

MAGA Cap and Gown

“Our Culture”: Classics by Exclusion

Our Culture, Anatolian Edition

The Future of the Past

A Ridiculous Post on a Ridiculous Poll: Who Shot a Man in Reno?

Spoken Latin and the Politics of Bland Triviality

A School Massacre and Toxic Heroism

Brillionaire’s Club

Scarcity, Precarity and Simile: Reading the Iliad

From Senecan’t to Senecan

From The Iliad to The Irishman

Despotism Depot

Latin Hell

The Marble Faun: A Review

The Ninth Gate: Movie Hell

From Odysseus to Lindsey Graham

Beauty and Privilege: Latin, Paideia, and Papyri

Footnotes and Faded Youth

The Books in My Dreams

On the Wings of Stolen Virtue

You Haven’t Read Enough

Harry Potter and Narrative’s Numberless Worlds

On Not Reading Homer

Beyond Sappho: Learning and Teaching about Women Authors

A New Book and Its Many ‘Authors’

Reading Poems at the End of the World

Less Human Apart: Isolation and Civilization in Myth, Science Fiction and Real Life

Satire’s Ire

Epic and Therapy: Helplessness, Loss, and Collective Trauma

Civilization and its Dissed Contents

The Sense of a Beginning

Founding Frauds of the Role-Playing Republic

On Reading Homer

“Full of Ticks and Fleas”: The Odyssey and a Life of Pets

Teledidaskalos, Or, How I am Trying to Teach Greek in a Pandemic

We’ve Been Doing This for 10 Years: A Personal History of Sententiae Antiquae

Blogging My Way to a Book

Save the Humanities with this One Simple Trick!

Hektor’s Body and the Burden

Scars and Time: Trauma and Reading Homer

Homeric Orchards and Trees

Polysymphony: Interpreting and Translating Homer

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