Odysseus’ Children: Fourteen and Counting!


I have been obsessed with tracking down the names of Odysseus’ children.  Here’s a list of them, their mothers and the sources so far.  In a few days I will start posting full references:

The sons of Odysseus:


Telemakhos and Arkesilaos/Ptoliporthes (Penelope) [Eustathius/Pausanias]

Agrios, Latinus and Telegonos (Kirke) or Auson [Lykophron]

Rhomos, Antias, Ardeas (Kirke) [Dionysus of Halicarnassos]

Nausithoos and Nausinoos (Kalypso) [Hesiod]

Leontophron or Dorukles or Euryalos (Euippê, Epirote Princess) [Eustathius]

Polypoitês (Kallidikê, Thesprotian Princess) [Proklos]

Leontophronos (Daughter of Thoas, Aitolian Princess) [Apollodoros]


And one daughter:

Kassiphone (Kirke) [Lykophron]


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